Jaipur Foot Programme

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Project Description

The Jaipur Foot Programme, administered by CFINS, is the main provider of prosthetic limbs and orthotic appliances to disabled persons in Sri Lanka. CFINS runs a prosthetic/orthotic workshop in central Colombo, where disabled persons are able to get custom-fitted artificial limbs, developed under the Jaipur foot technique.  

We manufacture and provide Aluminium, Polypropylene and HDP limbs based on the persons requirements. The foot piece manufactured now is best suited for conditions in the country where most persons working in agricultural fields do not use footwear. We are also hoping to introduce 3D printing technology after evaluating the trails being conducted now. We hope to collaborate with a technology partner to further develop the 3D printing in the future.
Usually an amputee requiring a prosthetic for the first time is advised to come to the center in Colombo for proper gait training, physiotherapy, and stump bandaging. They are provided accommodation and meals during their stay, until they are able to use the prosthetic properly. Usually a child requires a prosthetic limb replacement every 6 months as they are growing. Thereafter, the replacement limb can be provided to most amputees during a mobile camp in their area, as they are already using a prosthetic and are familiar with all aspects. They can also come to Colombo and obtain the replacement limb when required.

Today the CFINS’s Limb-fitting Centre has become a one- stop service facility for all disabled persons who require prosthetic, orthopedic and orthopedic devices to overcome their disabilities.