Mobile Camp and Workshop

Project Details

Project Description

Established in 2001, the Mobile Camp services provides limb fitting services for patients who live in remote areas of the country and have difficulty traveling to Colombo. This Mobile Bus is equipped with the tools to produce limbs for patients as and when they are needed.

The following range of medical services are also provided by the Mobile Bus:

  • Manufacturing customs built prosthetics
  • Providing orthotic devices
  • Vision testing and provision of reading spectacles
  • Hearing testing
  • Testing BMI, Blood pressure and Diabetes
  • Providing education on health and hygiene, nutrition, diabetes, social issues etc., together with the local PHI (Public Health Inspector), MOH (Medical Officer of Health) and local hospital for referral and follow up action required.

An amputee requiring a prosthetic for the 1st time is advised to come to the center in Colombo for proper gait training, physiotherapy and stump bandaging. Usually a child requires a prosthetic limb replacement every 6 months as they are growing. Therefore, the replacement limb can be provided to most amputees during a mobile camp, as they are already using a prosthetic and are familiar with all aspects.