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Established in 1831 under the patronage of Governor Sir Edward Barnes, the Colombo Friend-in-Need Society (CFINS)  is the oldest charitable organisation in Sri Lanka. Since its founding days, CFINS has upheld the tradition of having the current Head of State as the ex-officio Patron. Their activities are managed and directed by a Board of Management consisting entirely of volunteers among whom are several leading members of the Medical Profession, Engineers, Company Directors and Executives from the Corporate Sector. 


CFINS aims to provide all types of artificial limbs for all individuals who have lost their limbs (both upper and lower) due to landmines, war injuries, trap gun injuries, other explosives, road and train accidents, illnesses such as cancer, diabetes, vascular diseases, and birth deformities. Other services provided by CFINS also include Transit Hostel services for patients, Mobile Bus Workshops, Self Employment Programmes, and Educational Grants. CFINS offers a unique and complete package of services that no other Institution in Sri Lanka can provide. Through this, CFINS endeavors to improve the quality of life and advance the rights of physically disabled by providing them with various opportunities to give them a new lease of life. The organisation depends on donations from both the public and corporate sectors. All services that CFINS provides, including the provision of prosthetics, grants, and hostel services, depend on private donations and corporate CSR projects.

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