Established in 1831 under the patronage of Governor Sir Edward Barnes, the Colombo-Friend-in-Need-Society (CFINS) is the oldest charitable organisation in Sri Lanka.

We aim to provide artificial limbs for all individuals who have lost their limbs (both upper and lower) due to landmines, other explosives, road and train accidents, and illnesses such as cancer, diabetes, and vascular diseases.


Limbs donated since 1984 through our Jaipur Foot Programme

Jaipur Foot Programme
We are the first and only organization that provides artificial limbs free of charge to the needy…
Mobile Health Camp Services
Our Mobile Camps provide limb fitting services for patients who live in remote areas of the country and have difficulty traveling to Colombo…
Transit Hostel / Ward
The CFINS runs a 30-bed transit hostel / ward completely free of charge, supplying 3 meals a day…
Rehabilitation – Physiotherapy & Psychological Support
A free online consultancy service is provided to conduct the initial assessment of the stump condition to provide a limb…
Self-employment Programmes
Enabling patients to undertake income generating activities in order to support themselves and live an independent life…
Education Grants
This grant helps differently-abled children continue their schooling without interruption. Grants are provided from grade one until they complete their University Education…
AIDEX Sports Festival
The annual sports meet organised by CFINS, which features over 60 events including track & field events, cycling, wheelchair races, archery and special events for the children…

Help Us Make A Difference

Every donation, every action, no matter how big or small, helps us in our mission to improve the lives of our friends-in-need.

Browse the businesses run by the beneficiaries of our Self-employment Programme and support them in any way you can, either directly (by purchasing their products) or indirectly (by finding them opportunities to sell their products).

AIDEX 2023
The annual AIDEX Sports Festival organised by the Colombo Friend-in-Need Society was held on 27th August,2023 at the Air Force Rifle Green Grounds.
Inauguration of the Modular Limb Workshop by the High Commissioner of Canada
The modular limb workshop was formally opened by His Excellency Eric Walsh, High Commissioner of Canada to Sri Lanka, on 3rd March 2023, with Ms. Valerie Oullette – Second Secretary (Political) and Head of the CFLI for Sri Lanka – in attendance.
AIDEX 2022
The annual AIDEX Sports Festival organised by the Colombo Friend-in-Need Society was held on 13th November, 2022, after a gap of 2 years due to the Covid-19 pandemic.


These are stories of hope, passion and perseverance; stories of some of the lives we have had the honour of impacting through our self-employment and education grants programmes, which are supported by the MJF Charitable Foundation.