You can hand over a donation by cash or cheque to our centre and obtain a receipt for it. If you prefer to remain anonymous, please give the donation in a name of a deceased loved one. As we have to issue a receipt for every donation which is audited annually, kindly provide a name. You can also make an online transfer to our bank account and kindly send us an email with the donor info. to send the receipt by email. You can also specify the cause you would like to support and how you would like to know and report how your funds were used.
Certainly. It would be most welcome, and we will repurpose / recondition / recycle / or use the good components and provide it to a person in need.
Yes. Please visit the donate area of the web site giving the cost of meals.
Of course. Please hand over and obtain the official receipt for it. It would help if you can provide a list of goods and quantity / weight provided.
Please call our Administration Office on 011 2 421651 and inquire the needs in advance. You can obtain a receipt for all items donated. It would help if you can provide a list of goods and quantity / weight provided.

Mobile Camps

Please download the information sheet, checklist and amputee information document from the "Mobile Camp Services" page and follow the instructions. Please send the filled forms by email to with a request letter from your organisation. Call - 011 2 421651 Call Mr. S M S Bandara on Mobile and WhatsApp: 0774382969
Yes. You can also sponsor items needed for the mobile camp, such as spectacles and hearing aids, which we provide free-of-charge.