Join as a Youth Volunteer and obtain a Certificate at the end

Youth Volunteers can join as an Associate Member and complete 15 hours covering some of the following activities:

  • Visit the center or a mobile camp on a fact-finding mission to learn about the facilities and services offered by CFINS, under the guidance of the Administration Secretary
  • Meet a limb recipient and obtain permission to post a message related to his experience.
  • Take photos and post a message on social media, school magazine
  • Arrange a visit to the center by a school, college or community service group / society
  • Encourage people to like the CFINS social media posts – Obtain a minimum of 25 likes
  • Enhance the of CFINS, by promoting it locally and internationally
  • Create awareness of the causes of limb amputation – such as diabetes
  • Create awareness to accept differently abled persons giving equal opportunities and to become an inclusive society without bias, stigma or ostracisation. 

Other Volunteer Opportunities


Volunteer as a CFINS Counsellor

Oct 2, 2022

CFINS is seeking volunteers to work as counsellors for limb amputees for whom we provide prosthesis. We are seeking those who are passionate about providing meaningful and effective support for…