For Physiotherapy Treatments

• Contact us on Weekdays

(8.30am – 4.30pm) 

• Mobile and WhatsApp: 0777354175

A Sri Lanka Medical Council (SLMC)-registered, full-time physiotherapist is available 5 days a week to provide this service from 8.30am to 4.30pm. There is a fully equipped physiotherapy room equipped and maintained by Revival Physiotherapy Clinic dedicated for amputee rehabilitation services.

In addition a free online consultancy service is provided to conduct the initial assessment of the stump condition to provide a limb. This enables the primary (1st time after amputation) patient and his family an opportunity to learn the proper technique of stump bandaging and stump preparation along with the strength building exercises critical to recover quickly and receive a prosthetic limb and get back to leading a normal life. This is important physically and psychologically for the patient. The family is also guided how to assist the patient in this stage to ensure the fast recovery and can overcome the initial trauma and receive the psychological support required. The patient can receive frequent online appointment sessions initially to ensure that they follow the guidelines properly. The follow ups will be done weekly or biweekly according to the patient’s need.

Therefore, the patient does not have to travel to our center in Colombo for an assessment and consultation.