The Rotary Club of Capital City started funding the Mobile Camps in 2011. The camp conducted in Trincomalee along with the support of the Rotary Club of Trincomalee started a long list of mobile camps funded over the years by the Rotary.

Since the old mobile bus used by CFINS had been used for nearly 13 years, and the need to upgrade and provide more services was identified, the Rotary Club of Capital City applied for a Rotary Global Grant to provide a modern purpose-built bus to CFINS in 2015. Thereafter the new Mobile Health Care and Limb manufacturing Bus was launched in November 2016.

This new bus not only had the complete limb manufacturing workshop, but also NCD (Non-Communicable Disease) testing and state-of-the art equipment to provide all health screening facilities. This enabled CFINS to provide an enhanced range of services to people in remote areas.

The Rotary Club of Capital City continues to provide funding for many mobile camps around Sri Lanka.