Project number: CFLI-2021- CLMBO-SL -003-CFINS

The old workshop was upgraded with new machinery and tools purchased utilising a grant by the CFLI (Canadian Fund for Local Initiatives). The new Modular Prosthetic Limb manufacturing workshop started operations in February 2022.


We purchased the necessary machinery and tools for the new Workshop in CFINS premises in Colombo to manufacture prosthetic limbs and appliances for women, children and men. By providing and maintaining their prosthetics, CFINS supports the improvement of their day-to-day work, education and sports activities while helping everyone maintain dignity and accessibility.

Children using prosthetics need a replacement of the limb every 6 months as they grow. For adults the replacement will be based on wear and tear according to usage. While in use, minor adjustments or replacement of the prosthetics is a reality. Therefore, the upgrade in machinery and training will provide a long-term impact to many families for years to come in Sri Lanka

The technical assistance from Nia Technologies Inc, Toronto, Canada and Protech Orthopedics India was received. However, the Rotary International and RC of Capital City equipment under a Rotary Global Grant to provide the 3D printed sockets for limbs has been delayed further due to the travel advisory given by the Canadian government. Once this travel advisory is relaxed, the trainers and equipment for 3D printing will be brought to Sri Lanka and the training will be provided to start this part of the project. Even though this new technology is not available, we continue the provision of the modular prosthetic limbs using the custom hand-made sockets in the traditional way. Therefore, we have been able to continue to serve the needy and once we have the 3D printed sockets, we can further enhance the quality of limbs (comfort and fit) we provide.