A revamped website and separate site for the Blog/Archives of CFINS were launched on 15th October, 2022. This project (which began in September 2022) aimed to make information and the services of CFINS more accessible to the public.

The new features on the website include:

  • Automatic translation of the entire website into Sinhala or Tamil (powered by Google Translate)
  • “Information & Guidance” page, containing articles aimed at guiding people with special needs and their families on aspects of recovery and rehabilitation, as well as creating awareness among the general public.
  • Online registration for limbs (in English, Sinhala & Tamil)
  • Downloadable Membership Forms
  • Downloadable Information and Forms for Organising a Mobile Camp
  • Page for Frequently Asked Questions

The separate site for the Blog and Archives contains everything from the recent activities of the Society to newspaper articles from the 90s.

The project was initiated and guided by the President, Mr. Supem D S de Silva, and executed by Miss Cecilia Hewavitharana, with the support of the Administrative Staff of CFINS.