Prosthetist and Orthotist is a health care profession that is part of the healthcare professional team. The field is commonly referred to as P&O. 


A prosthetist is healthcare profession who provide clinical assessment, prescription, design, fabrication of Prostheses, gait analysis and engineering solutions to patients with limb loss. The Prosthetist observe the gait and corrects for any gait deviations of the patients walking with Prostheses.  


An Orthotist is a healthcare profession who performs patient evaluation and measures, makes and fits braces for the people who need support and correction for the body parts that have been weakened by diseases, injury, and disorders of nerve, muscle or bone.

Prosthetic and Orthosis Services

  1. Provide clinical assessment, prescription and design.
  2. Fabrication of prosthetic and orthotic devices.
  3. Provide prosthetic care / Long term follow up.
  4. Increase the quality of life with prosthesis.
  5. Long term Maintenance and repairs of the devices